Our purpose is to provide support and advice to those struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder and Anankastic Personality Disorder.

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PostSubject: Websites   Websites EmptySun 07 Jun 2009, 2:25 am

Please feel free to post any informative websites here that may be useful to members of this Forum.
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PostSubject: Detailed, in-depth info on OCPD/APD and PDs   Websites EmptyMon 15 Jun 2009, 8:46 am

Here are links to extremely good info on OCPD/APD and Personality Disorders (PDs) in general.

These are pdf's written by the WPA (World Psychiatric Association) and the ISSPD (International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders).

These pdf's seem to be an Education Program, probably more suited to the eyes of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, so some of it is not very easy reading. But it makes very fascinating and educational/eye-opening reading, as far as I'm concerned.

Link 1 - http://www.wpanet.org/education/pdf-ed-prog/isspdeduprogrammarch07.pdf

This is a very beefy document - 274 pages long! However, it is worth a glance, and some bits are worth having a good look at.

It is about ALL personality disorders. Initially it is about one having a personality disorder, which is pretty interesting to read about. It is a while since I read it all, but I found this section to be interesting and educational.

It then breaks down into all the individual personality disorders. All of these can be skipped, except OCPD/APD. This section is a must-read! It breaks down OCPD/APD into teeny-weeny bits, and it's helped me to understand a lot more of why I am the way that I am.

Later on in this pdf, it looks into Case Studies of all the personality disorders, including OCPD/APD.

Link 2 - http://www.wpanet.org/education/pdf-ed-prog/isspdmodule1.pdf

This is an easy-view summary of part of the above document. Over 26 short pages, it summarises the history and general info on PD's.

Link 3 - http://www.wpanet.org/education/pdf-ed-prog/isspdmodule2.pdf

This is an easy to view summary of part of the main document from Link 1. It is 94 pages but all the pages are screen size and very short. It describes all the PDs, so only the pages on OCPD/APD are worth looking at - pages 42 to 49. It is a short and sweet helpful read.

Link 4 - http://www.wpanet.org/education/pdf-ed-prog/isspdmodule3.pdf

Again in easy-view short pages - 91. This is also brief summaries of some of the info from the main document from Link 1 - Case Studies from each of the personality disorders, including OCPD/APD.

Link 5 - http://www.wpanet.org/education/ed-program-guidelines.shtml

If you have any trouble with the above links, you can get ALL the documents from Link 5. This is the World Psychiatric Association website.

On the page, scroll down to the bottom to "WPA/ISSPD Educational Program on Personality Disorders" where you'll be able to get to all these documents above.
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