Our purpose is to provide support and advice to those struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder and Anankastic Personality Disorder.

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PostSubject: Dopamine   Dopamine EmptyThu 01 Aug 2013, 3:26 am

I read that OCPD is related to a gene called DRD3.... which is dopamine.
Before I found that out I thought I had dopamine deficiencies... everything connects back to dopamine.

I take Ritalin for my ADD... and Ritalin is dopamine. When I take Ritalin its as my my OCPD goes away.
Once I read that OCPD has to do with dopamine I had an "ah ha" moment.
The dopamine that came into my system through the Ritalin greatly helped my OCPD.

I'm not one to think of abusing drugs by the way... I also decided not to drink alcohol. There are about 10 alcoholics in my family and I don't feel comfortable with the idea that I could be one. I'm also under age and a rule follower to the tea.

I was wondering, would it be 'wrong' to treat OCPD with Ritalin?
I'm not up for taking any SSRIs because they worsen my Bipolar symptoms. I have had the correct medicine for that for many many years. (Stable Bipolar by the way.... I was diagnosed at 8 and have had an early start get stable. OCPD is my only TRUE issue.)

Any opinions on this??

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